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Juliet Garrett is a singer and songwriter currently at work on her first album.

In the before times, she lived in North London and performed regularly. Before that, she lived in Brooklyn, where she also performed regularly. She is originally from a remote island in New York State. She plays piano and guitar, and writes songs that are "well-written and refreshing" (Polyvinyl).  Her first EP, Make Believe, is on its way to you shortly. It was recorded with producer Fiona Cruickshank at Air Studios and SNAP Studios in London. 


You can listen to the first single, "Carry On," here (or by clicking back to Home). You can hear what other people think about her here.  Her next song and video, 'Follow the River', comes out January 12th. 

She very much looks forward to playing for you in person again soon.

For performance inquiries, sponsorship deals, and to share your pearls of wisdom  please write to 

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